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0.8k 4 - -
our normal dish for dinner. Serve with fried potatoes or boiled rice.
Chicken with lemongrass
396 - 60м 6
I was a winner of this interesting grass. With the appearance of a hay smell of lemon. Subtle, pleasant aroma! Of course, I wanted something with her to cook. Because I love citrus additives to the chicken, it is without a doubt decided to cook this recipe from svitla_4ok.
Tobacco chicken "tapaka Zilla"
381 - 40м 2
Is the national dish of Georgia. In Russia, gradually lost its original name, which became to sound like "hen".
Portioned chickens gherkins, baked in the oven
317 - - -
Small portion chicken, in a spicy sauce, with a slight crunch and a delicious crust for a festive table! To cook easy and fast dish is amazingly delicious and presentable! What I love about feeding chickens gherkins guests for what these birds look good on the table, quick to prepare, and they do not need to be cut, one little portion, very comfortable, and very little calories! Cozy and yummy holidays, everyone!
Chicken gherkin with rice
314 - 120м 3
Pulled something in me chickens, and little ones. In the store they are called "gherkins". One chicken - one serving. Very convenient. (You can of course and over the quail so to make fun of - but they are really very small.)
Chicken sambatiki
269 4 120м 2
Fragrant grill special preparation.

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