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What to cook from Salmon more

Terrine of salmon with gherkins
345 5 20м 5
Can be served as a salad – like terrine.
Salad "Royal"
274 4 20м 6
Lives up to its name.
Fish terrine
270 3 30м 16
I looked in the "Search": terrines are popular on our "Boy", some just do not! Offer you another option of fish, but not fish pieces (as usual), and minced fish. It is cooked in the microwave for 10 minutes. If the finished dish to decorate, get a real cake, not sweet...
Salad "happiness"
256 - 10м 2
A lot of stress, losing hair and broken fingernails, pale cheeks, under the eyes wrinkles... ))) know yourself - so please, eat my salad, and you will be happy! )))
Salmon in breadcrumbs with mayonnaise and cheese
238 - - 3
For dinner I cooked salmon. This is my favorite fish! Salmon fried in crispy breadcrumbs, baked under the grill with cheese and mayonnaise. The fish turned out delicious, hearty and easy to prepare.
Salad "Mimosa" with salmon cheese
236 4 30м 6
Flaky tender salad

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