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What to cook from Wasabi more

Sushi "Funny Panda"
0.6k - 30м 10
For sushi lovers. I present to You sushi in a Fun Pandas. Very tasty and fun!
Sushi cake Chuka
474 - 60м 8
To minimize the sushi and rolls require certain skills and experience. And the sushi cake is made much easier and faster. Bright, festive, beautiful, hearty and easy dish. All the nuances of preparation, you can see in the video.
Maki, sushi roll "Mosaic"
448 - - -
Gunkan-Maki, tempura Maki, sake roll, temari sushi roll "Mosaic". And now in Russian. Gincana pumps, tempura - hot rolls, sake, temari - rice balls with salmon. It is not difficult! Hot and crispy spring rolls tempura will be appreciated by all without exception.
Crab hair crab
334 - 10м 1
Last time at the fish market in the sale, along with all known Kamchatka crab, there are small reddish-brown crab, body and legs thickly covered with red hairs, what they call them hairy dudes. The crab is too small, and it would seem that there is nothing in it. But it's not. This crab you can eat everything except the gills. The Japanese valued it even more than Kamchatka for his liver.
Salad "Spring Creel-cocktail"
309 4.5 30м 2
Layered salad with krill meat, spring-fresh and delicate, well, very tasty! May it be a guest at Your holiday table, and a bidder Scarlett March 8.
My rolls
267 - 60м -
Inspired by recent successful experience in cooking sushi and rolls, I decided to experiment with the fillings, and this is one of the most successful variants - with crab sticks. Very tasty!

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