Beef brains

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451 - 120м -
Kazakh sausage is the national dish of Kazakh cuisine. Prepared from meat of mutton, brains, rice and spices.
Brain beef with peas
346 - 30м 8
Fried brains with peas – a dish of Russian home cooking is as traditional as, say, mutton side of porridge. Cooking them is easy, harder to find. In the shops, even specialised, brains today are quite rare guests. But if can not find, you buy, will not regret! The volumes give conditionally, it all depends on your appetite and size of the package, which sold brains. The recipe differs from what is on the website: I brains are not pre-boiled never.
325 - 270м 4
Hi all. A simple dish just for winter, it's cold and it's very high in calories. It even my grandmother used to make when I was young.
Terrine of calf's brains
315 - 1м 20
Today I propose You try is not very an ordinary the pate of the brain. It is inherent in the kind of fat, but in addition with butter pate becomes a truly mouth-watering consistency. Thanks to the crackers pate takes on the density, and the pepper adds spice. The smaller ground will crackers, the milder it gets dish.
Casserole of beef brains
175 - - 6
I bring to Your attention another original dish of this is not very popular product as beef brains. Come on in, help yourself, it's delicious!
Lamb's brains in batter
166 - - 4
As you know, in the Caucasus sheep eaten whole, from head to tail. And dishes out some parts of the RAM in the Caucasus are considered a delicacy. Distinguished guests, for example, are skewers of lamb eggs. And brains are considered a delicacy no less.

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