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Diet oatmeal pancakes
409 - - -
These pancakes are light and contain far fewer calories than usual. The filling can be anything low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, boiled chicken and mushrooms or something else to your taste.
Cake "jumble"
221 - 60м 6
You don't like oatmeal? And because it is so useful. And the cake you love? Then this recipe is for you. Because when you eat this cake, you actually eat the oatmeal.
Cheese cakes/curd on the porridge
216 - - -
Tender and delicious cheesecakes
Oatmeal cake with pears
189 - 45м 6
Girls and boys, this cupcake is simply delicious! The first time I prepared this recipe and was very afraid of what will come out tasteless. But for those who follow the figure, this cupcake - it. Try it, it is really tasty, especially with honey. And this crust on top... mmm... Bon appetit! PS do Not judge strictly, this is my first step-by-step recipe, for some reason the first picture turned upside down. Thank you
Vegetable coconut-oatmeal cookie pickle
184 - 20м 4
I don't observe lent, but a lifetime limit themselves in food. And post always bake something sweet. Here is a cookie I found on the forum say7, did the half portion and regretted, because the cookies turned out soft, very crumbly and even my daughter ate two pieces (and it maloezhka).
Carrot cake "Pro-fit"
184 - 70м -
I present to you the option of carrot cake with a minimal amount of fat. Suitable for all who have a sweet tooth and at the same time wants not to have too much calories. Useful and nutritious. I ask to appreciate. BON APPETIT! The weight of the cake 1200 g Contents in 100 g of product: Protein-7,6 g Carbohydrates-22,25 g; Fat 4.3 g; Calories-159 kcal.

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