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Soup "Hot pot" with their hands
0.5k - 10м 2
Now, in the cold season, you really want something hot and tasty, and fast to warm up... Offer a "magic wand" version of the soup with the egg in a very hurry, a kind of "hot pot" with their hands. Saw a similar recipe online, but decided to simplify even more, and here is the result - the soup for 10 minutes)
Kuk-si with meat and spring salad in Korean
405 5 60м -
Anyone who likes Korean cuisine, and those who haven't tried. My favorite dish in the hot summer day. Well, of course, I recommend to those who after the festive gatherings, the next morning not feeling at ease, that is, simply put, was a little too much fun. Encourages tested!
Salad "Edel"
354 3.5 15м 4
The basis of the instant noodles "Edel" ("a Rolton")
Dinner "Laziness"
327 4.5 - -
Don't criticize me too harshly, please... Well, it was too lazy to cook! It happens... And it turned out very delicious dinner, which I wanted to share with you, my dear!
Vegetables with Chinese noodles
266 - 30м 4
The dish is delicious! Ideal for fasting and for everyone else. Here is how to become fast and have something useful, lean but still delicious to discover or to invent. And how hard it is, when, in addition to steamed, fried, boiled vegetables :)nothing is impossible. For those who follow the plagiarisms: Your recipes I have put on koolinar. EN
Burgers "Student"
257 - 60м 2
At all times students it is important to be economical. The cost of this dish was 60 RUB. for Two portions, but what meat. It is possible to divide them into smaller portions.

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