Semi-sweet red wine

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German dessert of berries "the Company grutze"
300 - - -
The company grutze (Rote Grütze) is a very summery, bright and colourful dessert. To call it a jelly I do not dare, while the principle of cooking is very similar. It is good in itself. In the classic version it is served with vanilla pudding or whipped cream. The company grutze can be used as a sauce to ice cream, to waffles, to cereals and as a filling for pie. But it was a classic serve and vanilla pudding is the most delicious, in my opinion!
Christmas rice bomb
286 - 60м 6
Delicious, so easy, beautiful dish! And how nice to hear from your loved ones enthusiastic - Wow, wow! Recipe originally from Reggio Emilia.
Ravioli "Marble"
275 5 - -
Boring, the dumplings, the colors of spring sun! A very worthy replacement for a simple ravioli.
Stewed venison Scotch
263 - 180м -
Hearty and thick stew of venison, seasoned with sweet and sour cranberry jam, smoky bacon and grilled mushrooms. This is a classic Scottish way of cooking venison. Come celebrate the first advent.
The wine of the gods
252 - - -
The name of this drink was given by the author, Francois Vatel, a legendary figure in the history of French cuisine and the art of the meal. The basis of this very simple but elegant recipe - a light Burgundy Pinot Noir. The contest "One day in France".
Drink wine "A La mulled wine"
180 - 5м 4
Delicious, aromatic drink! Perfectly warms! The during colds!

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