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Salad "Dance of lilies"
2.9k 3.9 - -
"Blooming water Lily in Russia! In the pond, where carp asleep, Bathed you. And suddenly she Surfaced as if from the bottom. And you asked her in the darkness: -"a Flower! In my mind, do you! And if I frustrate you?" "Rip. Don't be afraid. Will come to life!" The Lily hard to the top. The Lily like in the jar, Though very small, But with a human soul. "I wish that all the female half of the Scullion was a comfortable vessel in which you will be happy!!! Very tender, juicy and delicious salad. Specially for the contest "Scarlett March 8".
Horom – vinegar green grapes
1.4k 4 - -
This vinegar, made from green grapes, or rather, unripe, berries that almost took its final form, but before full maturity about a month and a half. Perfectly replaces the lemon juice and Apple cider vinegar with its peculiar taste.
1.4k 4 60м -
This is one of my favorite Arabic dishes. For Russia it is quite unusual, but very tasty. I hope you will like it!
Herring in wine sauce as Icelandic
1.2k - 30м 6
I really like the herring in wine sauce "Icelandic". Long wanted to prepare. On the Internet there are recipes for this delicacy, and become acquainted with the recommendations decided on your option. That's what I got...
Salad "Nirvana"
1.1k - 40м 4
Recipe from the 90-ies, sorry, I have forgotten. So I decided to cook it and put on your court. All the more reason to have a carnival. Good to be in a Duo with pancakes.
Salad "Versailles"
1.1k 3 - -
The salad is very tasty, very simple and quickly prepared. Eaten - much faster!!! One of my specialty salads. Recommend!!!

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