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Bay for a couple
319 5 100м -
Long thought to offer you this recipe or not? It seems that similar saw, but then tried searching - found nothing. Began to remember from where I wrote it down to his culinary book and found this recipe on the website Have Saechki (from Olga (olgaS)). Thank her for the idea! I hope that all who read will like it too, as I do, because IT is VERY TO HAVE a N O !!!
Górka-Transcarpathian sausage
291 - - -
Górka is a sausage that is filled with barley, mixed with cooked very tasty with minced tongue, beef, liver, lungs, heart, pork rinds, onions and seasonings. Usually it's rice, but it may be buckwheat, and corn grits, depending on the region. Traditionally, it is prepared for Christmas, Easter, New year or wedding. She turns a little darker colors, but this does not affect its taste. I slightly changed the recipe to your taste. The next time I want to cook her chicken giblets with beef tongue.
Hodgepodge "villager"
269 - 120м -
It's an old Russian rustic dish, this time potatoes with beef giblets cooked my precious husband on February 23 (his gift and the family a treat), so don't judge very strictly by my favorite chef.
Meat Solyanka
235 3 120м 5
This is my version, not the classic!
191 4 - -
I don't know what means this word in the Ukrainian language and translated into Russian, but this prefabricated meat was cooking and my grandmother, and my mom and I cook all the time, because it is universal - you can add it to boiled pasta, with the filling wrapped pancakes, bake cakes and casseroles. Potrepko you can use immediately, she stands calmly in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 weeks
Meat pies
155 5 - -
Such pies were sold in my childhood for 4 kopecks. apiece. Cakes-nostalgia.

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