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1.6k - 150м 6
There, is there already Basma, but how many people - so many cooking options! Good, and the set of products, and their sequence can vary depending on the time of year, desire to cook, and preferences of consumers. The dish is Uzbek. On the East pilaf is a festive dish. I think this is not fair! Basma (accent on last syllable) with its insane flavor, colors and raznoobraziem cope with the role of the holiday is not worse! This dish can be cooked outdoors in a cauldron or pot, and at home on the stove in a thick-walled pot. So, my option.
1.5k - - 4
This dish was taught to make me a woman, many years ago. I don't know why it called that, maybe that the rolls are called sandrikami.... The Internet is the search result gave me recipes pellets of fish or other meat, called sandrikami. You presented it the way I was taught, as I prepare for this day. Hope you enjoy it.
Behi Dimlama
1.2k 5 120м -
What is DIMLAMA? (dimlama ... domlama...) I didn't know myself until yesterday. It so happened that he arrived on Christmas day MASTER (see the topic about the Risotto) and we decided to cook for the Christmas table a few dishes. One of them - this is DIMLAMA. The name comes from the Uzbek DULLES – steamed, warm up. Then prepare a dish of meat and vegetables that is steamed. But not a water bath, and for a few... in General, all will see, if enough patience to browse through the end. I must say that there are several ways to prepare this dish. Therefore, the possible experts do we have here. If you have other recipes or ways, what is called - IN the STUDIO! While we imagine Dimlama Behi or Dimlama with quince.
Salad "Ordinary miracle"
1.2k 3 - -
Hearty, delicious salad that can be a wonderful self-uznam, and on the holiday table is not ashamed to put... a Lot of bright autumn vegetables and a MAYONNAISE dressing... Cooked potatoes - for satiety... Crisp cucumber for freshness... a Boiled egg for tenderness... Canned peas for juiciness... Quince - spice... All this with a dressing of sweet boiled beets, garlic, sour cream and cream cheese... Decorate with pomegranate, peas, herbs and roses out of tomatoes... Salad, which is very quickly prepared and quickly eaten...
Pilaf "Ararat"
1.1k 5 - -
Pilaf "Ararat".
Pumpkin Cydonia "Glare of amber"
0.9k - 15м 6
Cydonia is often called the Latvian lemon /aka Japanese quince/. Prepared according to this recipe, the pumpkin has a pineapple taste. Specially for my dear Victoria /victoria ms/ in memory of Riga coast!

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