Sea bass

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Sea bass in Thai on the grill
154 - 30м 1
Seabass. He also sea bass, sea wolf, Conan, rano, spigola. The meat of the sea bass belongs to the category of premium class, because it is particularly soft and delicate, refined taste. In addition, fish fillet with very few bones. In culinary terms, sea bass is a universal fish - it is equally tasty as boiled, fried, baked, and grilled.
Sea bass in parchment
139 - 40м 1
Very tender, juicy and tasty fish!
Sea bass in the oven
129 - 30м 4
Simple recipe. Did fish yesterday for the first time, in a hurry. Like the crust, so the foil were not prepared, and put fish straight in a glass form. Turned out a Golden fish with tender and juicy middle. If suddenly copy someone, apologize, write, delete record. Photo made for a friend to show motsepe, didn't that turn out so delicious that you will want to show to someone else.
Sea bass baked with olives
21 - 60м 5
Very tasty, easy to prepare dish. As the main seasonings used fresh rosemary. A delicate salty taste of the olive gives zest to the fish
Baked fish sea bass in the oven
19 - 45м 2
This recipe is quite simple, but there are tricks that will help you bake fish in the oven and make it very juicy with a Golden crust!
Baked sea bass with cherry tomatoes and shallots
19 - - -
Super fast and simple recipe for cooking oven baked sea bass with cherry tomatoes and sweet shallots.

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