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What to cook from Coconut more

Cake "Pavlova"
0.8k - - -
In 1926 Anna Pavlova toured Australia and New Zealand, causing unprecedented enthusiasm from local residents. And in honor of a great dancer, a talented pastry chef has invented a light and elegant dessert, a true masterpiece. The Australians, followed by the whole world, say his name with the accent on the second syllable.
Souffle mousse "Raffaello"
0.6k - 30м 2
Regular cheese with the taste of your favorite candy. Breathtakingly delicate and airy.
Fitness cocktail coconut bran
0.5k - - -
VERY vitamin cocktail it turned out! The composition of oat bran, which contain natural fiber, minerals and vitamins b and E. in cocktails coconut, parsley, etc. He will support our bodies during Great lent, when at the end of the stock is useful, but we need strength both mental and physical! In addition, it will help prepare for the summer season to those who are watching their weight. I suggest to prepare this cocktail, as soon as possible!
Coconut liqueur
0.5k 3 60м 14
Tropical liqueur, the taste of which is coconut. The production of coconut liquor is concentrated mainly in the area of the Islands of the Caribbean. Served with an ice cube.
The dough is shelf stable and the quality
427 - 15м 2
Very handy to have in the freezer a supply of wonderful test, which if necessary can be turned into cookies or pie. Different every time, depending on the additives in it. This dough can be stored in the freezer from 2 weeks to several months.
Chicken sambatiki
416 4 120м 2
Fragrant grill special preparation.

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