Phyllo dough

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Fish pie with phyllo dough
1k - - -
A luxury pie made of Filo pastry with a juicy filling of coho salmon, cheese and asparagus with a creamy filling
0.7k - 10м 4
The site already has something to eat, but I would like to share another option of making it. In this embodiment, Berek turns out very soft and juicy. The stuffing won't give you much time, as the filling can be any, but how to make Berek soft, juicy and to spend a minimum of time will tell you more.
Delicious Breakfast or scrambled eggs in phyllo dough
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Don't be surprised... Maybe the dish will seem too banal, but do not jump to conclusions without trying. Crispy thin crust, a filling of delicate eggs. Your kids will love it. How to make phyllo dough is well described by Lilechka (oliva7777 ). The batter can prepare for the future, Pat dry and store in the refrigerator or freezer. Or just buy it. But I know that recently the girls have complained that not everywhere it is.
Banitsa with pumpkin "Tykvennik"
310 - 120м 8
A wonderful combination of flavors of pumpkin and cinnamon, sweet traditional Bulgarian banitsa. Poprobovav once tender piece of tykvennik, once pumpkin season, this is the main dish you want to cook again and again... I Invite everyone this autumn day to experience the range of flavors and aromas - fast forward to the moment in Bulgaria.
307 - 70м 4
This hearty meat dish exotic Egyptian cuisine - a frequent visitor to my Desk. I already long time live abroad, including lived in Arab countries, where he borrowed, it is prepared the original way as it is cooked in Cairo. Since the Arabs almost everything is cooked in butter, and this dish is no exception, it is not a diet, but very tasty and unusual!!!
Chicken pie "moonlight Sonata"
262 5 - 10
The combination of music in cooking or cooking in music (fantasy) is a Delicious chicken pot pie.

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