Tomato sauce

What to cook from Tomato sauce more

Pizza "double cheeseburger"
274 5 60м 4
Two kings of fast food: pizza and double cheeseburger. In those moments when you want some harm, I always find it difficult to choose between them. What if... you combine these two dishes? When this idea came into my head, I could not think of how delicious it will turn out! Just imagine: crispy pizza crust with the aroma of oregano and juicy cheese and meat filling with a spicy surprise...
Cutlets natural
273 - 120м 6
Have on "the Cook" a lot of different recipes but similar did not find, decided to share. But suddenly someone will like it, but what I certainly like it. The burgers are juicy, tasty, usually ask to share a secret.
House Burger or chicken burgers
244 - 120м -
Of course make homemade chicken juicy burgers, well, then the Burger. In the recipe I want to share with you how I make it. Try.
Spare ribs in sweet and sour sauce with the scent of smoke
232 - 60м 2
I want to offer you a recipe of sweet flavored ribs with smoke. With green onion and dill they have the taste of a summer barbecue, roasted on the grill. I invite all lovers of sweet meat and kebabs!
Kyufta in Tabriz
228 - 180м 10
I again cooked the books of the Elder hankishieva. Here is an interesting set of products, because not always we are preparing the meatballs with raisins or marshmallows... And of course spices and condiments... Yes, even a small help Tabriz is an Iranian city, a neighbor of Azerbaijan.
Chile "Mexican"
224 - 60м 5
Chile is to Mexican food middle position between the first and second. Whether liquid meat porridge, or thick bean soup. This is what is called a national icon, business card. Festive dish. The boy already has a pretty decent chili recipe. However, I want to share, because Chile as a soup - as Housewives, so many recipes. Well, will remove, will remove. Not the first time.

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