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What to cook from Frieze more

Young stuffed cuttlefish on the grill
214 - 30м 3
And to continue my marine picnic is another delicious seafood - young cuttlefish! Quick and delicious!
Salad with chicken and zucchini
182 - 30м 2
Easy in all respects, bright and tasty salad.
Salad "Cerutti"
152 - 20м 2
Tried this salad with my husband at your favorite restaurant, then began to cook at home. Tasty and unusual:)
Salad "A La crab sticks 90"
127 - 20м 6
A slightly modernized version of the beloved ' 90s salad with crab sticks and corn. Along with Olivier and herring under a fur coat this salad is traditionally prepared on new year's table. Lately because of the abundance of products and many other great salad recipes this beloved once salad has been on the back burner, at least in our family for sure. But sometimes nostalgia for the past, including cooking, makes itself felt. I remembered this salad recently, but in the classic version to play it just do not like. And came up with vitamin here's a version of it. It turned out very very delicious!
Salad with salmon and vegetables
124 - 15м 2
Easy, hearty and delicious salad. Very few have time to cook dinner, decided to put together a salad from what was in the fridge. Salads with salmon a lot on the website, but basically they are all the mayonnaise, so I decided to add, maybe someone will be useful.
Tartlets for a party in the style of "Latino"
120 4.5 60м 6
Enjoy spicy food? Then You here! Original tartlets with burning Mexican stuffed specially for hot parties! The contest "Queen of the cocktail"

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