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What to cook from Romano more

Salad Shalash
450 3 - -
"I was with sweet heaven in a tent, I rejoice each time I collect forget-me-Reading Beaumarchais..." ...and still cute and my favorite cooks.. I sincerely wish you that You build your Paradise in a sturdy and cozy castle:).. "the love boat crashed about life"...and a tent if only so tasty.. juicy.. light and delicate salad of grilled potatoes, fresh tomatoes.. salt cucumber green beans.. green.. pink..... Your loved one will be hungry.. happy and turn into purring cats:)
Salad of rabbit and crayfish under the crimson vinagreta
152 3 15м 1
The combination of a rabbit, crayfish and raspberry filling - Oh how delicious!!!
Shrimp salad
148 - 20м 2
Colorful, healthy salad with light dressing!
Salad "Longevity" with yoghurt
139 - 10м 2
Delicious and healthy salad with a wonderful selection of ingredients. Thanks to homemade yogurt made from pasteurized milk with the leaven of Orsik, salad has become even softer and healthier. Help yourself, my dear!!! PS the salad was missing salt and taste it is absolutely not required!!!
My salad for Caesar
133 4 30м 4
The variation of the Caesar salad with shrimp.
Salad "Caesar" with shrimp
129 - 30м 2
The classic taste of the salad, "Caesar" with tender tiger prawns!

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