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What to cook from Bun more

Meatloaf "Amazing"
364 4 80м 6
Roll just melts in your mouth, very flavorful and tender. The combination of the ingredients give this fragrance, which is felt even from the neighbors))) This dish can not only annoy your neighbors, but also to impress loved ones and guests!
Mole Burger
333 - 30м 1
A fun sandwich that is not only beautiful but also the unexpected that will surprise both children and adults!
Hot dog Siberian
330 - 90м 5
I want to offer you awesome hot dog. In a rye bun I put spicy sausage with a smoky, almost kebab, spicy sauce with mustard and fresh salad. This is a very hearty and delicious. Having prepared these hot dogs in the nature, you diversify your barbecue menu and will easily feed a large company. Turn on a little whimsy, and variations can be many.
Sandwich "for the road"
280 - 30м -
My husband went on a business trip, here in the road made him these sandwiches!
Burger with brie and cherry-orange sauce
274 - 50м 2
My family love homemade burgers, so I am often experimenting with them. This time I wanted to prepare delicious and unusual sandwich that will satisfy not only the male half, but will please the girls. The highlight of this Burger is the sauce. It turns out very tasty and perfect for a "noble" cheese and juicy beef. It has a light sweetness and sourness. This sauce can also be used for cheese plates and meat cooked on the grill.
Salad "Marine a miracle"
259 - 30м 2
We, the inhabitants of the Far East love a variety of fish dishes. But the tuna we got "caught" just in jars on the shelves. And my youngest son loves salads. So we have to fantasize.

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