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1.5k 4.5 120м 6
Karachai soup, perfect for a feast with the family on cold winter days)))) For lovers of lamb and for those who don't know how delicious it is ))))
Liver kebab "Pressed-Baur"
1.1k - 30м -
I want to offer to cook a wonderful dish of Caucasian cuisine -"Shook-Baur." Traditionally, it's bits of lamb or beef liver a thin fat film. Through the shell, which is wrapped liver, it retains all the juice inside, the fat melts during the cooking, leaving a delicious crust. This dish can be cooked on the coals, and the oven. The result with either method is excellent, besides, the cooking process will not take much time! And for the filing of the kebab is cooked, traditional sauce"brine". Generally go! Caucasian cuisine is always delicious!))
Pie-pie with peas "Bob"
0.9k - 130м 12
Pea soup with smoked meat is very tasty. But pie with peas - it's even tastier. Bake. He comes to the tea party, could serve as a main dish - just with bread, and it delicious with a Cup of hot broth.
Chicken kebab in yogurt
0.9k - - -
Summer vacation at the cottage or outdoors - the best time of the year! Take in the Treasury of the recipe is chicken kebab, which comes out tender!
Hychiny for every taste
0.8k - 45м 12
Hychiny (Karach. - Balk. hichin; hychiny; hitsin) — a pie with potato and cheese or meat stuffing with greens, the national dish of the Karachai, the Balkars and Nogai. By their prestige they were estimated at the Karachai, the Balkars and Nogai in different ways, but all of the varieties were very popular among the people. The Supreme hospitality of the hostess in the past was considered the invitation "on hychiny". This is one of the most coveted dishes in the list of farinaceous foods Karachay-Balkar cuisine. Any meal was simply unthinkable without hichina.
Okroshka with tan and ice-cold brew
0.8k - - 6
Hearty and flavorful hash with ice from the brew.

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