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Horchata, horchata (Spanish horchata), orchata (cat. orxata) — the name of several kinds of soft drinks made from almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or chufa tubercles. There is a legend according to which the king of Aragon, first tasted horchata in Valencia, asked what it was. Girl, ponessa drink, said it was "milk of the chufa" (llet de xufa). The king exclaimed: "Aco no es llet, aco es OR, XATA!" (It is not milk, it's gold, beautiful!). These words, allegedly, was the name of the drink :) horchata is prepared from various grains or nuts, with milk or without, sometimes with flavored types of vanilla and cinnamon. I suggest to try the horchata in Mexican, which is made from rice and almonds with the addition of cinnamon and vanilla. The drink is an unusual taste, fragrant and sweet, refreshing.
Coffee Lime
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Oh, coffee you love... And although you drink in a day only 1 to 2 cups, still without it can not. Never skimp on coffee - buy a good grade of Arabica, but it still want variety... you Get to all sorts of impossible combinations (I'll tell you how the Union drinking coffee "Sovetski"); it happens that the taste is additionally so ennobled from the added ingredients that it seems some kind of new drink you consume...
The chicken in the glaze of soy sauce
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Chicken dishes are on our table quite frequently, so I try to cook it into something new. Here is another recipe, the chicken is soft and pleasant to the taste.
Arugula with Parma ham and two kinds of cheese
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Exquisite light salad for special occasions. The recipe is from the magazine "the Deli."
Raspberry cupcakes with cheese and key lime filling
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The recipe is snagged from the magazine "School deli", slightly changed, made a gag. Very unusual cupcakes with the intersection of sweet and sour flavors.
Pie "Paradise island"
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Tender, delicious cake with a wonderful flavor and range of taste

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