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What to cook from Galeta more

Appetizer "shrimp Crackers"
207 - 10м 3
Spectacular and tasty snack instant food. For a wonderful, talented and heart of Masuli /cook Manusha/ Birthday!
Fried cake "Napoleon" with custard
168 - 180м -
The highlight of the cake is that it does not need baking in the oven. You only need to fry the cakes and smeared with their delicious custard.
The appetizer bread
138 - 15м 6
Sometimes the most simple culinary solutions bring the greatest sympathy, and even enthusiasm. From the series: "well, how simple, why do I still ever think of that?!" The idea of such a simple snack belongs to one of our friend. In my performance both evolved a bit, but it is the idea that based on it there were something new, his own. The number of ingredients, of course, conditional, it depends on the number of consumers and your appetite.
My rolls
137 5 30м -
After the Chinese Nems decided to make something simple and tasty, but not overseas, and mine:)
Dumb with pork and mushrooms
123 4 - -
The promised recipe Nemov (Chinese cuisine)For their preparation as required rice leaves, rice noodles and shiitake
Chinese cakes with dried apricots
122 3 - -
For tea. Simple and fast. And recipe for biscuits here.

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