Rib of beef

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266 - 120м 8
No claim to the authenticity of the dishes, offer an option which prepares my husband. Today is the first time in three years, I finally tasted this dish ))
The can be washed down with
241 - - -
The can be washed down with (Cazuela) is a soup of meat and vegetables. The can be washed down with as popular in Chile as we have soup. Every family has their own recipe for casually, I have it too, every time I try to cook. Today I offer you a basic recipe casualy from which I always start.
Smoked veal chops
192 - 10м 4
Hi, here brought me a lot of veal. Started cooking ribs. Well their promarinovali. And begrimed. Personally, I liked them. Lech, too), especially with beer. All a pleasant appetite.
For those who are tired of barbecue!! (Kabob)
167 - 120м 6
Insanely simple, but at the same time, crazy delicious recipe for Kabob. This recipe is perfect for those who are tired of barbecue!!
162 4 60м 10
My version of the soup. Probably that already is there, sorry again!! This applies to a certain lady who's dissatisfied with the fact that here lay the duplicate recipes.
Beef ribs "my way"
137 - 60м 4
All simply prepared beef ribs with veal. Very good., beautiful and unusual! I advise everyone to try. PS. Sory for photo quality, in fact, everything is much brighter!

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