Red sweet pepper

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Salad in 5 minutes
0.8k - 5м 4
The salad is simple, quick and most importantly delicious. Try it!
Pizza Mario
0.8k 4.5 60м 12
Learned to cook this pizza at this Italian.
0.7k - - -
"Tursha" - a mysterious name, but in essence it's just pickled vegetables... but so delicious!!! Somewhere I read that "turshu" in the Turkic languages means simply "pickle". The recipe, of course, not "for today", but I really want to share it in advance - you know, as usual with preservation happen - the recipes are published when it is too late to preserve have to save up for next year... This recipe was told by my friend (a professional cook) her colleague from the Kuban. As our Dnepropetrovsk "pretty close" and "all know each other", then this recipe came to me... Someone said to me that Tatar nationality "dabbles" in this dish...
Maki, sushi roll "Mosaic"
0.5k - - -
Gunkan-Maki, tempura Maki, sake roll, temari sushi roll "Mosaic". And now in Russian. Gincana pumps, tempura - hot rolls, sake, temari - rice balls with salmon. It is not difficult! Hot and crispy spring rolls tempura will be appreciated by all without exception.
Cakes "Volcanoes"
0.5k 4 60м 4
Tender chicken cutlets with stuffing and cheese. Prepared quickly, it turns out delicious! Try...
Couscous with vegetables and chicken wings
0.5k - 30м 4
This recipe of couscous I discovered in my student years. Very simply, quickly and with minimal cost, and most importantly delicious!

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