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What to cook from Soy more

Salad "Bean mandala"
0.7k - 30м 2
This salad is in the everyday menu of our family called simply "Bean". Today I offer you a festive version of the design of this dish. Soaked or sprouted grains - this is very useful, it preserves more enzymes, vitamins and minerals, than during heat treatment. Here they are presented as soaked soybeans. If sprouted grains to plant in the ground or under a damp cheesecloth – you will get sprouts. About 1, 5 -2 years ago they were sold in major Russian supermarkets. Also you can grow them yourself, the instructions are easy to find online. In this salad they are presented pea sprouts. A short blanching of vegetables in boiling water is also a gentle method of treatment. Beans for this dish is cooked five minutes. In this recipe might work – you can cook sprouts or soybean sprouts and take corn or peas. White beans, lentils, mung beans or sprouts, anything you like. This salad is rich in protein or proteins. You can take as lunch to work – it is very nutritious, we model them lunch on a hot day or add fresh vegetables. I hope this healthy, simple recipe will take root in your family ! PS the Recipe is not competitive. It just so happens that I designed and put this recipe recently for a contest on another resource, and this coincided with a themed competition on the Cook. :) The contest is over and I can share the recipe with your favorite website. :)
Kuk-si with meat and spring salad in Korean
0.6k 5 60м -
Anyone who likes Korean cuisine, and those who haven't tried. My favorite dish in the hot summer day. Well, of course, I recommend to those who after the festive gatherings, the next morning not feeling at ease, that is, simply put, was a little too much fun. Encourages tested!
Rice casserole with meat and vegetables
419 4 - -
A very tasty dish! Was found by me in 90 -ies in the journal "BURDA". Since we cook often. A great dish for dinner.
Vegetables with Chinese noodles
400 - 30м 4
The dish is delicious! Ideal for fasting and for everyone else. Here is how to become fast and have something useful, lean but still delicious to discover or to invent. And how hard it is, when, in addition to steamed, fried, boiled vegetables :)nothing is impossible. For those who follow the plagiarisms: Your recipes I have put on koolinar. EN
Cheese "Tofu" home
383 - 90м 6
Simple, inexpensive to prepare and very tasty tofu. The idea of the recipe thank you People "Positive kitchen".
Salad "the year of the Ox"
376 4 40м 6
This salad will be most welcome for the Christmas table. On new year's table should be a lot of plant foods: lettuce, greens, vegetables, fruits, because the bull herbivore, you will very much enjoy these salad and all year you will be successful.

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