Garam masala

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Dal McNee
0.6k - 5м 4
Continue the theme of "Indian gathering" No Indian meal is complete without beans. Since most Indians are vegetarians, for many it is one of the main, along with milk, protein sources. We, the inhabitants of the middle band, even can't imagine how many varieties of peas available in India. I once decided to count: it's over 10. I'm not going to list them all. Today we will have lentils, because in our conditions it is most available. "Dal McNee" is a liquid gruel, which is served with rice and fresh tortillas. Cooked very easily and quickly. The result is stunning.
Vegetables curry with soy meat
423 5 40м 4
Actually, I'm not a big fan of soy meat, but in combination with vegetables and curry were delicious! For the post-very nice! And again, "Fast from Moulinex"!
Shahi paneer
326 - 20м 4
The will of fate I had to live in India for 12 years. During this time, acquired a lot of friends who, like me, scary miss this blessed country. Therefore, we periodically organize "Indian gatherings" and reminisce. And without fail on the table exclusively Indian food. They are something I want to present on your court. Don't be very strict – it's my debut. Should immediately assure you that the recipes are not taken from cookbooks or the Internet. All gathered bit by bit over many years. Indian Housewives were happy to share with me their secrets. So provided that the food is not of restaurant and Pets, and casual, and festive. The only thing I adjusted is the amount of pepper. An inexperienced person cannot accept stratio, which are used by the Indians. Everything else is left without any changes. Usually lunch in India consists of the following dishes: vegetables (fresh and stewed), legumes (they call it dal), paneer (fresh homemade cheese), meat of some sort (chicken, lamb, fish - if the wallet allows and religion) and Fig. So on my "Indian party" are these dishes. The first recipe is called "Shahi paneer". This fresh cheese in a creamy gravy with lots of spices. About the paneer to write in detail will not – it has a lot of information on the website. Aaron-Space did a good job! You can cook for yourself, and particularly if you do not want to bother, then buy a simple soft cheese. The recipe will not suffer, and time and effort save. I have tried paneer in different types and variations. "Shahi paneer" is one of the favorite recipes. It is not only a Symphony of aromas and flavors, but also delicate texture.
Salad Oriental
233 - 40м 3
Soon the long-awaited New year holiday, and we all wonder what to cook. I offer you a chicken salad Oriental. His ease, he will Eclipse the other salads on your table.
Curry cabbage
228 - 30м 4
Band gobi curry. Tasty and healthy dish of cabbage.
Baygan, Simla mirch tarkari - eggplant with sweet peppers
220 4 35м 4
A very simple dish, a small quantity of products, and again, thanks to the spices, we get a wonderful dish.

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