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Cottage cheese-yogurt cake "Little Prince"
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This cake I made for the birthday of his beloved little son, three years old. The cake turned out great. Very easy and gentle. The idea of this cake I took one culinary website. Here, however, I can't remember what since it was long ago...
The Petit fours
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Pituri is assorted different small cookies, or cakes that are often prepared from the same dough, but different in design and additives. Most Petit fours are preparing of biscuit and pastry, filling different fillings and decorated with cream or frosting. These mini-meals designed just for one bite. I suggest the Petit fours with apricots and poppy seeds. A recipe from a magazine Bread Salt. Of this amount, the test I got 25. But I had the middle of the form. If you take small. that's about 35 pieces.
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Suggest you try a very tasty and unusual dish of Moroccan cuisine. Very aromatic, delicious, satisfying and beautiful. This dish diversifies and quiet family dinner and festive table. Help yourself!
Cake "Battenberg"
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Like many British food, preparing it is very simple, out of the ordinary affordable products. Classic "Battenberg" consists of layers of pink and yellow, fastened with apricot jam. Outside it from all sides with marzipan. When cut in cross section forms a cell in a 2x2 checkerboard pattern. According to one version, the cake got its name in honor of the marriage in 1884, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria of great Britain Princess Victoria of Hesse with the German Prince Ludwig Battenberg. Each chess square is supposedly symbolized the four brothers Battenberg: Ludwig, Alexander, Henry and Francis Joseph. Traditional Battenberg:
Cake "Kaleidoscope"
304 4 - 12
In the freezer - a bunch of frozen berries. Wanted something with a black blueberry. Thus was born this lovely cake, which could not "right" to call. Options - "Tag", "vitamins", "jumble". Came home from work, a spouse and everything in its place: the cake - it's good that he's not one for dinner - even better, and to call him should "Kaleidoscope". The cake lived a life of bright but short-lived. Received orders to cook this often. So be it!
Cake "nostalgia"
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Cake of my childhood - "Leningrad", one of the most popular, not because it is the most delicious, it brings me back to my childhood and naveivaet delightful memories of the city on the Neva river, where he lived for several years. The taste of the cake nostalgia carries me to that time and very similar to the taste Leningrad, in any case, this is a very tasty cake!

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