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What to cook from Brine more

The Belarusian Podravka
1.8k - - -
Another experiment with cooking a favorite and recommendable new: Zepter rules. Was pleased with the result.
Hokie in brine
1k - 45м 4
My husband loves pickles, I love pickled tomatoes. Buy them often and, of course, is the brine. I feel sorry for him just pour out and so I often add it to meals. Then caught my eye Hoki fish. I cook it a second time. Its meat is dense, without the typical fishy aftertaste. In General, I suggest you try it if you get caught. For this recipe you can use any fish.
0.9k - 90м 6
Kalia - a spicy, thick soup with a spicy and thick in consistency broth, cooked with the addition of brine, most often, cucumber. There are three types of first courses of this kind: Kalia, rassolnik and Solyanka. They are all very tasty and different from one another by the presence or grains, or potatoes, or other additives and, of course, the level of spiciness. Cal cook fish, meat, chicken broth or broth of fowl. Homeland cagli Finland and originally the soup was made only on fish broth (kala - fish), the more interesting how the soup was to belong to the Russian cuisine. Cal I cooked in chicken broth was very tasty, I recommend to try.
Carbonate "Tender"
0.8k 4 30м 6
Juicy, tasty and very aromatic carbonate prepared in half an hour in the pan.
Caviar beet
0.7k - 30м -
This caviar gave us in the garden, if you remember (and why I then did not eat?) To cook it learned much later from her mother-in-law. Very easy recipe: 1 ) easy and fast dish, especially important for "unloading" after the holidays and during fasting; 2 ) it so happens that after making a salad, for example, "Herring under fur coat", I got a few sokolac and where to attach them, You don't know... ; 3 ) can be used as a side dish, such as sausages, meat or spread on bread. In addition, I will tell you how to cook beets (I'm sure not all young Housewives know how to do it... ) the site has few recipes for beet caviar, but mine is the taste of childhood, no extra spices and ingredients... Everything is just...
Black forest potato salad
0.6k 3 - -
Very unusual taste, but try it stands (my guests was convinced).

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