Liquid smoke

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And again sprats. The search for the ideal
281 4 180м -
And what they describe... Unless someone has not seen sprats? However, these homemade...
Fruit bird
277 3 60м 4
Decided to make another chicken. It bothered me in any form. And then the older daughter suggested, - let's do it in a fruit smoothie. Okay, do the chicken fruit.. And she was - well, very tasty! Probably to get to me...
255 - - -
... or Dalmatian Prosciutto. As they call it - and prosciutto (it.), and prosciutto (Slovakia, Montenegro), and jamon (Spanish). and Parma ham (it., Parma). This is traditionally the hind pork leg is damp-dried in a special way within 6 to 36 months maturing in cool basement spaces. Each Balkan people it is slightly different, someone cooks it with spices and the other without them. Take the liberty and present their recipe of it. His entire family was assessed as identical to the original in taste. Very easy to prepare, and the joy of everyone. And in addition cheap to manufacture.
Preserved herring with vegetables (recipe No. 2 )
245 4 30м 6
another recipe preserv vegetables in liquid smoke. Vkusnjatina!!!
Spare ribs in sweet and sour sauce with the scent of smoke
232 - 60м 2
I want to offer you a recipe of sweet flavored ribs with smoke. With green onion and dill they have the taste of a summer barbecue, roasted on the grill. I invite all lovers of sweet meat and kebabs!
Bak kwa
207 - 120м 6
Insanely delicious meat dish which can be prepared both at home and making the workpiece, to complete the cooking on the nature. Originally a dish from South East Asia. So have to look for local products. But now, perhaps, they can already be found in large supermarkets or shops of Chinese goods.

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