Corn sticks

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Cakes Chickens
183 3 - 8
These cakes can be made from any biscuit dough, but I suggest it is this version: please try it - might work well, very gentle, fluffy and soft. In fact, as befits the Chicks until they became chickens.
Dessert "Paradise"
164 4 60м 3
A dessert of corn sticks and butterscotch
143 - 15м 5
Dessert from our distant Soviet childhood, when corn sticks in stores you could buy, and toffee was rationed.
Cake cottage cheese hypoallergenic
139 - - -
Good day to all! Decided to share the recipe for this cake for one simple reason: my son has trouble digesting cow's milk and all derived products, but also allergic to chicken eggs, which are part of the majority of the baked goods, and especially delicious cakes. And I really wanted to make his birthday a delicious cake, and it cost me nedyuzhennye ingenuity. I know that for many parents nowadays, this problem is very relevant. I think many will be useful, take it, use it!
Cake "Slide"
131 4 - -
On the website, like, not there, so share a simple recipe for delicious cake))
Sweet rolls corn sticks
130 - 30м 5
Such rolls my mom cooked, that unique taste of childhood... unfortunately, now do not let more frosted corn sticks, but they can be replaced and modern...

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