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What to cook from Fruit more

Cake "Fruit of joy"
0.6k 4.2 20м -
Tasty and quick, not difficult to cook, even if you're a beginner cook
Cake-meringue "Butterfly" with blueberry cream
318 - 2м 8
Cake-meringue in the shape of a butterfly, decorated with whipped cream with blueberry jam, decorated with fruits - will make a splash on Your holiday table. The basis of the butterfly-the meringue can be baked in advance, and the cream and fruit to decorate before serving. All fans of meringue invite you to enjoy.
Little bags of happiness
230 4 20м 20
Delicious pastries, which does not require costly products and time, but will help to lift the mood of your guests an unexpected prediction.
Cake "Confetti"
211 - 35м 12
The sweetness that does not require a lot of time and effort, forces need only to Platania of cake)
209 4 30м -
Something of a cross between pancakes and fritters, but with chunks of fruit. Today it was canned pineapple.
Cake "Song"
204 4 60м -
Is vegetable cake got its name in the process of eating my godfather))When he ate it was Wikiquote remark:" my God, the cake is just a Song")))) I Suggest to you to try.

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