Cheese sausage

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Salad "Alice"
0.7k 3.5 - -
Very tasty and pretty simple salad, somewhere once found in the bowels of the Internet. Prepared quickly, looks very elegant! Suggest!
Salad "Mirel"
470 - 220м 12
The salad will be interesting not only for its composition and combination of components, although it is, of course, deserves attention, as the salad turns out delicious. Good mood and an excellent appetite will be provided to all present.
Salad "Cardinal"
374 4 - -
Tender salad.
Sushi cake with mussels
339 - 40м 4
Started a week of snack cakes, the topic is unfamiliar, so it will be some of my improvisation. The first is a sushi cake with mussels. Had to climb on the Japanese site, and here's what I did. Suggest this to cook. Just treat your guests and yourself.
Chicken cutlets "Morning in the henhouse"
292 3 60м 4
Delicious and inexpensive.
Salad "Irina" chicken
279 - 30м 6
As you know, a woman can create anything from three things: a scandal, a salad, and a hat! With the hat I have a difficult, but a salad and a scandal can))) And here the other day asked me my household task: you want, say, a salad of some sort... And somehow a live chicken! I searched the recipes and found the salad "Irina" and the little it has been adapted to the taste that I love in my family. Please try - out very tasty!

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