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What to cook from Millet more

Cottage cheese casserole with millet and pumpkin
1.2k - 90м 4
Delicious, healthy, Sunny, tender casserole. Lift your spirits at Breakfast and at afternoon tea, and with tea and coffee.
Pancakes on culese grandma recipe
1k - - 12
And the pancakes my grandmother was notable: a smooth, yellow, aromatic, smooth surface and lots of holes... Everyone who tried it was delighted... And she shyly said: "Yeah, well it Kulesza"... for a Long time I was looking for grandma's recipe, finally found it... Cooking them in the evening, in the morning for Breakfast baking. I slightly adapted the technology of cooking, leaving the same ingredients. Try!!!
Shurpa Burlatsky
1k - 120м 10
Burlatsky share – heavy. This work is akin to a spring Affairs in the country - plowing, digging earth, planting.. In both cases you need good nutritious food. Our boatmen have developed to a certain menu. Basically it's the first meal – soup or soup. And the second – porridge. For the shipowner, who accompanied his load of merchant porridge cooked separately. Rump covered in a canvas bag and boiled in a pot of soup. The porridge was rich in meat broth. Meat eating was definitely present. Try to pull multi-ton ship on an empty stomach. But by the end of the day all calories are spent on the burlatskii strap. Let's fantasize, what could be burlatskii, for example, shurpa. Cook was appointed the youngest of the boatman, it was his additional load during night stops, when there was a fair wind and with a tail went sailing by day and by night. At this time cooked on Board. Do a wooden box filled with earth or sand, and the campfire. Interested in what's cooking on ships overseas Oriental merchants, probably tried to cook their dishes, for example soup. Only adjusting the recipe to suit your needs. Overseas tomatoes and peppers is not for the man. Only local vegetables, spring greens that in abundance grew near the tow path – a young nettle and sorrel.
Porridge "Sivuha"
1k - - 4
Slepukha, drain, millet porridge with potatoes and onions – a lot of names, but it's all one dish. An ancient, traditional Russian dish. In the black soil region in Russia she was known as the Wild field, in Ukraine – gruel. Prepares differently, but the principle of one main ingredient – wheat. The same porridge from an ax out of a fairy tale. It was prepared with long-term transitions carts from city to city, and later to field camps. And now it is perfect for cooking on the campfire in the woods, on the river or in the country. Again I'll note that the recipes, though similar to each other, but a lot of them. Write as I cooked.
Porridge in the pumpkin
0.9k 3 60м 6
Fragrant porridge is suitable for both children and adults. And if you cook milk and water, and in the post you can eat.
0.9k - 40м 6
Kulesh - a very filling dish, it first and second. So that you can please everyone, and prepare it. And with pumpkin - it is still elegant and in the autumn dank day it will warm You.

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