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Salad "Wedding Admiral"
0.7k - 20м 5
For our women and men salad will love! No wonder such a high rank he got his already! So gentle, it's Golden! Delight at the festive table! Airy, delicious and easy! Adorn everyday life for the whole family!
Soup of processed cheese
0.5k 4 40м -
Very tasty soup, this soup a favorite from my children and husband.
Salad "waltz"
452 3.5 - -
Delicious, airy salad with chicken and vegetables.
Salad "I am the head"
406 - - -
I am the head, the bulb, artichoke and even Jerusalem artichokes - all names tuber vegetable Jerusalem artichoke, which according to its unique beneficial properties. Juicy, crunchy root vegetable with a fragrant scent and sweet taste will enrich the body with lots of vitamins and minerals. Try an interesting and original combination of Jerusalem artichoke with carrot, Apple, boiled egg and melted cheese. It turns out very tasty, hearty and healthy!!! Help yourself to health!
405 4.5 - -
This recipe was born of itself on the eve of Passover, when we brought a pack of this wonderful Jewish bread - MATZAH. I'll tell you my mazuki sucked down without looking. Stand on your court))
Onion pie recipe Olga Matthew
391 - 40м -
Good day)) so I saw a recipe on one amazing channel, and so I wanted to try this recipe. Now, I will share with you this recipe) My family was ecstatic, the kids that onions of any kind do not eat, was eating for both cheeks))

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