Nutrition value of Bread






What to cook from Bread more

Fitness sandwich
238 - 40м 2
Very fresh veggie sandwiches for those who follow the figure. Girls, cook, enjoy and lose weight.
Bean pasta with roasted garlic and mushrooms
203 - 120м 3
Accidentally "stumbled" on the recipe for this bean paste on the Internet, I imagined the many facets of the flavor of this dish and immediately wanted to do. The taste is really very rich. The execution of the recipe devote to Letter - Lyudmila Novoselova.
Cookies from "cereal"
197 4.5 - -
I have long been bored with the remnants of flakes, are some completely tasteless, and was long an open bag of bread. Decided to put it all together and make cookies. I have to say, it turned out cookies for everybody. Didn't even want to put it first. It melts in your mouth and not crumble, it is necessary to chew. The taste is very reminiscent of the cereal bar Corny, I love him very much, so these cookies were eaten gladly!
Rolls with bread and salmon
190 - - 20
Easy to implement, effective and delicious snack of crispbread, cream cheese and salmon. For the idea thanks Tanya lapundrik from LJ.
Pumpkin dip
186 - - -
This dip of roasted pumpkin I made at the request of my daughter. Running in the morning to study, she wants to have Breakfast something light yet filling. And what can you do in the season of ripening pumpkins? Pumpkin dip, which is perfect Swedish bread is also homemade. Come and visit us, Cooks delicious snack for autumn romance!
Appetizer "wild flowers"
183 3 - -
I really wanted to decorate my holiday table, so there was this appetizer. Waiting for Your evaluation!

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