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320 3 240м 6
This spicy Korean cabbage. Excellent additive for meat dishes!
Korean dish "Heh" fish
314 3.7 30м 4
What is the uniqueness of this recipe, and unlike the classic "Heh"? I will try to answer this question: 1. Unlike the classic recipe, this one requires fresh fish, and allows you to cook a wonderful "Heh" even from frozen fish. 2. Classic "Heh" a very long time because it requires hours of marinating fish in vinegar. However, for this recipe, the dish can be prepared in just 30 minutes! 3. And finally, the third advantage of this prescription in its efficiency, because this "Heh" is prepared with the addition of large quantity of carrots. Convinced that preparing this wonderful dish you and your family will love it!
300 3 90м 4
I want to show you my version of cooking this wonderful dish, and so it's one or the other? Probably something in between... used to eat at Korean restaurants, and now home cooked, just do not overreact, try, can be eaten cold and hot.
Korean rice noodles
185 4 30м -
Korean appetizer
Korean cabbage
183 5 30м -
Delicious Korean cabbage cubes.
Korean carrot (Dungan salad)
179 - 60м 10
Gorgeous eat - a carrot you are not eaten! Similar cooking techniques in the recipes I've seen. This miracle 40 years ago shared with me a woman originally from the district of Kyrgyzstan, which is home to many Koreans. Since then, they and a snack.

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