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What to cook from Gluten more

Baguette "School"
211 - 210м 2
The recipe is from a school textbook. Last year I studied and received a certificate of cooking and baking). This recipe is from our new Zealand tutorial. Very good, from my point of view. Process with pastries takes about 3.5 hours. For this recipe, you can get the baton and this classic baguette. Depends on how many parts you divide the dough. Delicious.
Rye bread for bread machine
203 5 - -
A delicious, airy bread. Recommend!
Rye bread, No. 1
183 3 - -
Recipe rye bread with added malt, pinifarina, extra R. the Bread turns out fragrant, with pronounced acidity(typical for rye bread) and, of course, with a crispy crust and tasty crumb.
Bread pea with bacon and onions
173 - 160м 1
My dear, today I'm going to surprise you with an unusual bread. This recipe was born in my head almost immediately, I saw a new contest, because green split peas from "Mistral" immediately caught on in our family. I do a lot of different dishes with it, but use it in bread baking, I haven't come to mind. Had to raise the recipe books on baking bread in search of a suitable recipe. But alas... I found only the version with chickpea flour. But the appearance of this bread I did not like. Fortunately, recently the recipe from our website I have successfully baked rolls with millet gruel. This experience inspired me to create this recipe. So, the recipe author. I am very glad I decided to try to bake this bread, because the result was stunning. And now I'm with a clear conscience recommend to your attention this delicious bread that is very easy to prepare. And the description of the recipe I'll give you a couple of useful tips on cooking peas. The yield of the finished bread 700 grams.
Pea bread
156 - - -
By the will of fate happened To the kitchen in the morning you come, Why, peas, pray tell, are You from Mistral found there. But destiny should not pout, we roll up our sleeves, And we bake our bread vkusnyuschie You help me, I know.
Rye bread "Three!"
155 5 - -
Perhaps you think the name is very strange? Yes, it's for a reason so conceived: estessno, this recipe has a history, which explains the name - want to hear? Read... And if not - then go directly to the recipe. Started with being a great man and wonderful my friend Ruletka(which, by the way, the same keen Baker, like me, complained that she has baked wonderful bread so to speak from the "head" with a different machine, and the recipe is not recorded! And was upset... I wanted to comfort her and a couple of days remained fretting with this recipe, yesterday I baked, the guests were all tried - applauded (still in the process of baking was THE-a-smell!) and here I am! This bread is dedicate to my friend.

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