Dark beer

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Goulash from Prague
320 - 200м 6
Recipe from the chef of one of the Prague restaurants. Goulash does not like troubles and, according to Czech men, not like women's hands. So when I learned how to cook the real Czech goulash, I've gathered a lot of praise. I want to share with you this art. Advise men to learn how to cook this dish. For a side dish to goulash, you can submit dumplings. Later I will add the recipe.
Lamb ribs grilled
264 - - -
Delicious, aromatic and crunchy ribs on the grill!
Cocktail Fiesta
234 5 30м 2
A cocktail with beer.
Bread with beer
197 - 60м -
Recipe taken from the MachS from the "Eat at home", altered to your taste and it turned out very tasty bread, try it, you will not regret.
Boar knee
191 5 240м 2
After a family trip to Prague any recollection of Czech cuisine calls my husband and salivating!))))Search on the Internet anything intelligible did not give, could not stand - called a friend there! This is what happened! Yummy!!!!
Homemade Amaretto
178 - 30м 10
The husband says, "Beer without vodka, money" (joke). Homemade wine fast food.

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