What to cook from Hazelnuts more

Candy a La "Mozartkugel"
0.6k - - 40
Who does not know candy Mozartkugel? These stunning chocolates with marzipan??? I suggest you make these chocolates at home. The more that they can be eaten fasting, vegans and vegetarians. They will not leave anyone indifferent! If you want to pamper your family, this recipe is for You!
0.5k - - -
The daughter said that nothing tastes better "Snickers" did not eat. ( ( Well how is that? ( ( The grapes we have now is cheap, its nuts... decided to make her "Snickers", but only the Georgian - natural, tasty and nutritious treat. PS. Girls Georgian women (well, boys), correct, if not entirely authentic it turned out. But I tried...
French cake "Marjolein"
439 5 260м 10
This French cake, very simple in cooking (and eating simple)))) I looked a year ago, learn Sony-accountant, corrected by himself. Kapasiteli nuts, ...cream and tablets from greed)) this one is dedicated to the Knowledge Day and part of my birthday – September 1 (as evidenced by his form) and French mistress Elise and the camera. Voila - for the competition "School time"!
Cake "Hummingbird" with curd cream
380 - 360м 16
Recipe found at Chef Andy. Seen a similar recipe, but this is my vision etc. volume of products ) And I just need to keep this information at least for myself - to not forget what and how much take for your molds ))) the Cake is sooooo delicious. Very! Try it and You 😉
Cake "milk"
364 3 45м 10
If you love bananas, chocolate and nuts - this cake will become your favorite dish! On German cooking sites grazing many of these "dear", but I think my version you like, because it is proven!
Cake "Havana"
306 - - -
Preparing her daughter to the DR. The daughter said that the most delicious in this cake - cakes. The rest of the guests just said that tasty))) the authorship is not expect - a recipe from the Internet. Can't say that the cake is simple. On the contrary, it seemed to me that it is quite complex, but, honestly, the result will please you.

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