Pine nuts

What to cook from Pine nuts more

Salad "Bear"
1.3k 3 20м 2
This salad tasted many years ago in the same restaurant of Russian cuisine. Don't know, what does the name of the salad to its components, but in any case, delicious!
Salad-Spring tenderness
1.2k 4 20м 4
Very sweet, tasty and useful salad.
Salad "Primula" with chicken liver
1.2k 5 - -
Wonderful salad. Very tasty. Will decorate any holiday table and will delight not only you but also the guests.
The squid in the marinade from the pulp of a kiwi
1k 3 - -
Very tasty! For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Salad with tongue "Amazing"
1k 4 - -
This INSANELY tasty salad. Thought of it myself. Like all WITHOUT exception. You can also try this.
Salad "Apricot poodle"
0.9k 5 30м 4
This salad is from Women's Forum website "Scribbler" now in the season of apricots is very relevant. Besides, light and hearty at the same time, in the heat it can completely replace dinner.

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