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What to cook from Cancers more

Ear "Royal"
292 - 60м 6
I was taught to cook this dish my best friend. And when he says I came to Wuhu to refuse I can not)) I will Not say that it is cheap (in the sense of the ear, and therefore Royal), but ooochenj delicious. And if there is zapotevshie a couple of drinks (I'm another), and on the soul, and natrah so warm and nice. And you can still plate?)))
Salad "Lucien"
278 - 120м 10
"Dear Lucien Olivier! Not for personal gain, but for the purposes culinary research and restore at least approximate the taste of Your signature dishes, salad "Olivier", created for the restaurant "Hermitage", I'm conducting this experiment. Sorry, that was not the end of the 19th century, wonderful "cook", where You could immortalize your consummate recipe. Not carried then to the grave the secrets of salad and secret ingredients, over which more than a hundred years scratching their heads the best restaurateurs! Forgive my freedom, what I read, what found that, according to tradition, added a... a... "
Soup "Cancer"
242 4 - 8
Very tasty soup cancer, for both adults and for children. Try it, You must like it!
Appetizer of crab meat "Crab claws"
219 - 30м 6
This appetizer is very popular in many countries, it is also sold in the form of semi-finished products in the frozen. Actually cook it very simple and the appearance and the taste will surprise your guests.
201 4 15м 4
It's a taste not everyone likes crab meat. Cancers especially a good beer (perhaps?).
Crabs in beer
180 3 - -
Feast your eyes on these beauties)))

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