Tomato juice

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Stuffed pepper vegetable cushion
1k - 100м 6
This recipe is my favorite maloletki. Recently on the holidays my mom always cooks these peppers, so the principle without the need for me to repeat this recipe at home (mom often). But in the summer namorozila beautiful, fleshy Bulgarian pepper, specifically, so please... Pepper comes out tender and juicy. I'm warning you that here in the end, a lot of stewed vegetables. Invite on trial
Cabbage rolls "Lazy"
0.9k 5 60м 6
Recipe from Leanna cook Jazzed. Very tasty and quick dinner. My husband stuffed not eating, and these meatballs for a sweet soul ate and praised!
Vegetable plate, baked under the grill
0.7k - - -
I love roasted vegetables, they can overeat all day without worrying about the figure, so I again they come! Great as a side dish, while fasting or on a diet, to vegetarian and healthy food! The dish is quick-cooking vegetables you can experiment endlessly, depending on the availability of them in the fridge! Very tasty, healthy, flavorful! The piquancy gives the dish a tomato-soy sauce, pickled cucumber and rosemary!
Meat rolls
0.6k - - -
The girls watched for a few days and tried to find a recipe not found. If there is no problem, immediately withdraw. Meat roulette with tomato-mushroom sauce - vkusnogo.
491 4 40м -
Kavurma. There is a perception that the name comes from the Greek "kaurava", which means "to fry". Originally kavurma was invented as a way to store meat and it is very often harvested for future use. This was done simply enough. The meat mixture is poured hot into the jar and closed tightly. Frozen fat contributed to the preservation of meat, kavurma can be stored for quite a long time not only in winter but in summer.
Cocktail "virgin Mary"-"Virgin Mary"
477 - 5м 1
Cocktail "Virgin Mary" is made from tomato juice and not alcohol! But "Virgin Mary" relieves the symptoms of a hangover! In short it is what the doctor and myself, and we ordered as soon as after the holidays to work out! On decent airlines in this cocktail is served all ordered tomato juice. Tomato juice is very useful to drink during the flight!

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