Adyghe cheese

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ASP, baked in the oven
1.4k - 50м 2
ASP - very tasty fish! I cooked it in the oven, turned out very tasty!
Baked escalar-butterfish
0.7k 3 60м 4
Fried the fish I did not like, decided to experiment with oven. My husband liked it, and I - much tastier than fried, but still useful :) Regarding the picture: sorry for quality :)
"Bird under prostokvashi"
372 - 40м 4
For the Contest "new year feast of fairy tales" Believe it or al don't believe, and lived on the white light of Sagittarius, a young heart of oak. He was neither handsome nor ugly, neither blush nor pale, neither rich, nor poor, nor scab, nor in brocade, and so voobche. Service Archer fishing and hunting. King game Yes fish and thank him. King: - Saragassa, brother, in a way, Yes we get food, grouse partridge, al, al Isho someone. Not smogesh, who is to blame, I dolzhon to execute you. Public matter – you follow the thread?... Walked around Sagittarius a hundred forests, an hundred bogs, but all to no purpose – no partridges or grouse! Tired, no urine, and it is the night. Suddenly sees a hut stands on chicken legs. Sagittarius: - Look over there, maybe there is food? Baba Yaga: - You FAQ so gloomy, nor ruddy, nor gavoi? You chavoy not yourself! There's a pimple on the lip! Oh, you'll waste health in the Royal slugbot voobche!... Ill – it does not matter! Sprobuy soup from the pot! "Muchamore" tea is brewed, all-natural environment. Ate – nonsense, I still have food! Here is a birdy shirt baked under Prostokvashino. Sprobuy "rabbit droppings"! He is vigorous! He will catch! And where will the healthier honey, though the taste is not honey. My lunch, although not steep, and, sometimes, die – but some survive, those live to old age!...
Query - dumplings with cheese
353 4 - 20
Traditional Russian dumpling filled with young cheese. My favorite dumplings. If not pork, you can replace the Adyghe cheese or Slavic.
325 - 20м 4
Recipe Adygei cuisine. It's easy, tasty and nutritious dish fast food. We have it served in restaurants as appetizers goes well with sour cream and pancakes.
Pilaf, "Shah Jehan"
320 - 80м -
This pilaf is named after the great Shah Jahan, who was famous for construction of the great Taj Mahal. He was a patron of artists and musicians, appreciated poetry and painting. And of course was a foodie and Amateur gourmet.

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