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What to cook from Ham more

Salad with ham, pear and avocado
222 - 30м -
Brought once again the son of hamonica and I decided to offer you one of our favorite salads with "participation" ham.
Pumpkin soup
210 - 40м 4
There are many recipes for pumpkin soups, but I cook my soup in the French manner, with white wine. Stunning aroma of the whole family gathers in the kitchen before the soup is poured on plates.
Of such
167 4.5 20м -
Not far off summer. And in the heat, you want something light and cold. For fans of cold soups such as okroshka and beetroot soup etc. I want to offer Spanish cold soup "Such"... if you Taste it once, I fell in love with him forever...
156 - 60м 45
About this dish my wife was told by Spanish friends, as one of the most popular in Spain. Somehow progulivayas, cafe and the menu was tapas. Tried. Liked it! Why not make it ourselves, and even tastier?! But with this simple and at the same time very tasty dish you can experiment by mixing different ingredients! And each time will get something unique. Please, get acquainted with our interpretation of the popular Spanish dishes.
Refreshing gazpacho of melon
151 - 45м 4
This is quite an unusual soup with sweet and salty taste-based, like all soups, gazpacho, three ingredients – bread, garlic and olive oil. The sweetness of the melon it softens the salty sun-dried tomatoes, and vinegar and lemon juice add brightness. This soup is served very cold as an entree or in a little glass as an amuse bouche (small appetizer served before the main snacks, literally "entertainment for the mouth"). If you like the combination of melon and cured meat, you'll like this soup.
Meatloaf with peppers, spinach and prosciutto
139 4 180м 12
Very hearty cold appetizer on the festive table

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