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Salad "Fast"
0.7k 4 - -
Looking for in our Runet whatever salad to prepare and here ran this macaroni salad... I'm more interested in the name... why was he called that?! Made it, tried it and realized... he's really "fast"... very quickly flies away from the table)))
Minced fish cutlets with yogurt sauce
463 - - 4
I suggest you budget recipe chopped cutlets of salmon. These burgers are delicious, fragrant, delicate and useful. Of course, you can make them from any white or red bony fish upon request and availability. And the bonus to them is the yogurt sauce.
Salad Shalash
443 3 - -
"I was with sweet heaven in a tent, I rejoice each time I collect forget-me-Reading Beaumarchais..." ...and still cute and my favorite cooks.. I sincerely wish you that You build your Paradise in a sturdy and cozy castle:).. "the love boat crashed about life"...and a tent if only so tasty.. juicy.. light and delicate salad of grilled potatoes, fresh tomatoes.. salt cucumber green beans.. green.. pink..... Your loved one will be hungry.. happy and turn into purring cats:)
Pink envelope with vegetables
398 - - 4
Fillet of salmon, soaked with aromas of spices and vegetables is a complete meal in the fresh air in the envelope of foil.
Grilled salmon egg
345 4 45м 8
Fried pieces of salmon, baked with egg and mayonnaise
Salad "Penguin"
320 - 1м 4
I like this salad was prepared for the first birthday of her son. Everyone was in awe of him!

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