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Soup Maneštra
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The cuisine of Croatia is incredibly interesting, varied, very tasty. The magnificent meat dishes, fabulous cakes. Fans of the first course, and I, you know, crazy on the soup, too, will find something to try. Soup Maneštra, for example! It combines the features of maize meal and meat soups. Croats like to add to the maneštra pickled turnips, fresh or pickled cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes in their own juice. Choose any component or combine them at its discretion. This soup just blew my mind, this is yummy! Amazing, magical, unusual soup! Thick, rich... my Husband appreciated it along with the Soup dealer of cattle from Tapei and Old soup. Recipe in principle simple, however, multistage and troublesome. But, my God, what is he tasty!
Pea porridge with onions and bacon
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This is my favorite recipe from childhood: my grandma always made us this hearty, fragrant and delicious porridge. However, it greaves were made of fat, I like to cook the bacon. Come to me, who is not afraid of extra calories.
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Game ( gheymeh)-a dish of Caucasian cuisine, thick gravy to the rice. Consists of meat (beef), peas, some fried potatoes, served with rice.
Pie-pie with peas "Bob"
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Pea soup with smoked meat is very tasty. But pie with peas - it's even tastier. Bake. He comes to the tea party, could serve as a main dish - just with bread, and it delicious with a Cup of hot broth.
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The recipe is rooted in history and date back to the times of the Indians that lived in North America. Translated from their language "mstatus" (so they called it) means "cooked corn". A recipe passed down through the ages, it is very popular today. There are a large number of options, one of which I want to share with you.
The Hamina. Soup crock pot
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Today I want to introduce you to an amazing ancient Jewish soup Hamina. Incredible combination of meat, beans, rice and potatoes is simply mesmerizing with its taste. In addition, the Hamina Jews is not just a thick soup, but also hot. To prepare the Hamina simple, but the method by which it is kept warm throughout Shabbat, unusual. The soup is cooked long in the oven during the day. For those who can't wait to try the Hamina on the same day, we will reduce the cooking time to 11 hours.

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