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Salad with sea cocktail
0.6k 4 30м 4
Sea cocktail with vegetables and cheese
362 - 15м 3
Easily and quickly, for lovers of beer. Fried seafood and fried potatoes with celery stalks, spread soft cheese with herbs.
Salad with marinated seafood "Seaside"
334 - 20м 2
Offer You delicious and effective salad of marinated seafood and vegetables. Seafood salads - light meals, due to its molecularity. In addition, these salads are very useful in the period of spring avitaminosis. These salads are very effective and popular also for a romantic dinner, thanks to its lightness. In addition, seafood is a known aphrodisiac.
Soup seafood
313 - 30м 3
I live in the Primorsky Krai. We love to catch and cook fish, squids, mussels, scallops, shrimp. Seafood balanced in composition, they are easily absorbed by the body and are a low calorie diet. Diet based on the consumption of seafood reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps fight excess weight and even (checked temperamental Italians) increases libido. This recipe I picked up from eldest daughter. No wonder they say: live and learn. The soup is very light and low in calories.
Seafood with vegetables in a pot
297 - 60м 4
I want to share this recipe because we love seafood! This dish is very hearty and does not take much time!
Salad with seafood
280 3 20м 2
Salad with seafood with egg and onions.

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