Liver Pollock

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Appetizer of crisp bread with a zesty mousse
260 - 30м 6
This appetizer can be made in minutes. Bread with a delicate spicy mousse. Delicious, beautiful and dare I say - useful. And decorate a festive buffet table.
Snack cake "Spring"
243 5 90м 8
Delicious snack cake! Source: my imagination.
Pepper stuffed with liver Pollock with white beans
234 - 10м 2
The recipe for the contest "the Culinary range of tastes" is a genre of chanson. Easy snack dish, perfect for a family dinner in the style of "romantic", followed by urban chanson... the Night crouched outside the window, the Mist had a fight with the rain, And in this quiet evening On something unearthly far About something near and dear Burning crying candles... What else is there to add? Wine, candles... Dinner for two, a long time knowing each other people who have something to remember, something to laugh about, something to mourn. City chanson for two people who love each other tender loving care, in which there are spicy notes of passion... to apply for such a romantic passionate spicy peppers stuffed with a delicate soufflé from the liver Pollock and white BEANS with sweet slices of Radish and fresh cucumber. Preparing this dinner, you are tired, do not spend too much time, and it means that after dinner... Seemed to be crying to them about what We are like live righteously. But sometimes in the evening, But sometimes in the evening... all of a sudden We sit down at the piano keys, we Remove the veil And light the, light the candles...
Salad puff rice
221 - 15м 3
Today I was out planting season! Yay! This Sunday will be the feast of the Trinity, and according to the old legend, in the garden you need to plant to this day. And I'm sure the evening was really tired, and dinner, our family still has not been canceled). Today I rescued a bag of Jasmine rice from Mistral, which was otvoren in advance and in the refrigerator there was a Bank of Alaska Pollock liver, boiled eggs and an Apple, can be considered dinner was ready!
Liver pate with cream cheese
215 - 15м 10
My pate for those who need a quick snack or unexpected guests! And also the idea of how to feed a family, unloved by all, but this useful seaweed))) the Value of the liver is known to all, I used a budget option-the liver Pollock!
A quick snack of fish
212 - 10м -
So it was that in the fridge, they found a lot of fish and fish products products:-), so I decided to make a quick snack for the young man to visit brother - he loves fish. Herring and cheese - the combination is unusual, but I took a chance, and the taste I liked. A good and simple idea when you need a quick bite to eat. My brother appreciated, decided to share the recipe... at the same time writing and recipes other appetizers that you have prepared "for company".

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