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What to cook from Cheese more

Salad "Furor"
0.5k - - -
Well, that brings me to the end of my HI... thank you all for your attention to my recipes! I would be glad if someone of you can use it. And finally I want to show you another delicious and elegant salad that is perfect for the holiday table.
Salad "Hairy"
422 - 20м 4
The site already has salads with a similar composition, but decided to add his own version, as it differs in the way of training products. It is interesting to look at and, of course, very tasty! Hearty, spicy, bright taste. What is called - and in the feast and in the world. Cook fast and very simple. Help yourself!
Salad with sauerkraut "Autumn leaves"
358 - 15м -
Dear cooks, started cool days. Nature prepares to sleep, warm pink, gold and purple tones. On our tables appear dishes with autumn colors. I suggest you make a salad of pickled cabbage. We will decorate it with a fall theme and treat not only your loved ones and guests. The salad can be made quickly and are not troublesome.
Fast pizza with grilled vegetables
358 - 40м 6
Pizza on the wheat tortilla, the type of tortilla is much faster than a traditional pizza, because we don't spend time for preparation of the dough. But it is no less delicious because the main character here are the seasonal vegetables - eggplant and zucchini - marinated and grilled.
Hotel scrambled eggs
340 - 20м 4
Don't know about other countries, but Egypt is almost in every hotel for Breakfast, among other things, prepare an omelet or scrambled eggs. Clever cook roast from two to four omelettes or fried eggs. The guests of hotel crockery displayed with different ingredients, and you can choose the ones you want, or ask to do a mix. Usually the ingredients are: chopped tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, cheese and sausage or meat. Try my version, my dear!
Crackers cheese from pea flour
289 - - -
Recipe from the category of "Express" - is very.. Simple as everything genius! Of course in the presence of pea flour. These cookies I saw on the website culinary e-shop. Made a few changes to the tastes of the family and got the cookies that are baked for the second day in a row.

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