What to cook from Lemongrass more

Tincture "Golden horn"
289 - - -
Bitters with a seaside flavor. Color brown with a red tint. The taste is pungent-bitter to the taste of extract of Eleutherococcus. Aroma with a touch of Schizandra berries. Attention! Siberian ginseng and Schizandra increase blood pressure, so tincture is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure!
Jam from schisandra
261 - 40м 1
Lemongrass is a plant that combines 4 taste. Sour, bitter, salty and sweet. It has a smell of lemon. And the smell in all its parts. In the Schizandra berry contains large amounts of potassium and selenium, contains iodine.
Sturgeon royally
156 5 90м 1
Great meal!!!
Shrimp salad with lemongrass
106 5 20м 4
Light shrimp salad with a nice hint of lemon with the addition of the lemongrass. Very tasty, dieting not quite usual.
Pork on lemongrass stalks
93 - - -
Pork on lemon sticks - a delicious and unusual appetizer!

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