What to cook from Cellophane more

Cellophane with pork "Red dragon"
455 - - -
Incredibly delicious, rich dish. Sliced pork with vegetables in a sumptuous sauce with numerous combinations of spices and flavors. Sharp, sour and sweet combination in the environment gentle funchoza will leave the most pleasant impressions. Help yourself!
Salad "Harbin"
441 - 20м -
A simple delicious salad, which we served in all Chinese restaurants.
Capcha. cellophane with meat and vegetables in Korean
279 - 30м 4
Captcha, or colloquially capce (capca) — Korean festive snacks based on starchy noodles (kuksu, funcheza, glass noodles) with meat and vegetables. Very tasty! - suggest to prepare. Appetizer can be served to the table hot as well as cold
Cellophane with chicken breast and teriyaki sauce for office samurai
226 - 5м -
Now, for those gentlemen who want to keep a semblance of proper nutrition (i.e. protein-fats-carbohydrates that's all), but who have to spend time in the office, where the means of cooking and only the office water cooler, a kettle or thermo pot, we offer another way to diversify an office Desk.
Salad "Fantasy" with funchoza
206 5 - -
This salad is one of my husband's favorite Eugene, it is very tasty and tender, and just like the salad my guests. I hope you will like it.
Salad "Geisha"
203 3.7 60м -
Actually there is a whole code of rules and secrets of seduction, which adhered and continue to adhere to the Japanese geisha. We reveal only the most basic of these secrets and rules. Sharp as a sword, as beautiful as Sakura..... For the contest "Scarlett March 8"

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