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What to cook from Martini more

The rumaki
376 3 - -
The rumaki is an appetizer, which is prepared from pieces of meat or seafood (chicken breast, liver, shrimp) wrapped in a strip of bacon.
Dessert "Dolce Vita"
256 - 180м 6
La Dolce Vita. This wonderful recipe I saw the brilliant Nigel Lawson. He won me over with its simplicity and speed of preparation. You will succeed, for preparing this ice cream don't need special equipment, just a whisk. A subtle and refined taste will win you over.
Cup "Family"
198 3 20м 4
Cocktail"Banana-strawberry Jane"
176 - 15м 2
Dear cooks, I want to share with you the recipe for this quick to prepare a nice cocktail. If suddenly to you at the light looked girlfriends, give them this drink. And you will see how quickly pass the time in interesting conversation.
Cranberry Martini
161 - 60м 3
Easy to prepare cocktail for get-togethers with friends.
A great cocktail
160 - 3м 2
For the first time this cocktail I tried in 2002... Since then, regularly make it when guests come. The cocktail turns out rather strong, but incredibly easy to drink!!! Look, this cocktail not found!!

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